Rgejman Comic-Nation End of Life in General
rgejman | Jul 19, 2019

Dear All,

I have decided to shut down Comic-Nation. The accumulation of problems in this almost decade-old codebase, the dwindling number of users (<75 in 60 days) and the lack of anyone to fix or maintain the site makes it difficult to take any other action.

Thank you all very much for your support over the years. Thank you especially to Corruption and other administrators who have kept the site regexp's working over all these years.

Please take some time to copy/save the comics you follow and I wish you all a lot of luck!

Shut down will occur before August 1st.



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Rgejman Trouble logging in in Problems
rgejman | Feb 08, 2013

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please remember that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. I'm working on changing that for usernames. Hang tight.

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Rgejman And... We're on Heroku! in General
rgejman | Feb 08, 2013

Sorry for the trouble today. Things should be back to normal now... except that weird newlines issue.

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Rgejman Downtime Today/Tomorrow in General
rgejman | Feb 07, 2013

Hey everyone,

There may be some downtime today/tomorrow as I switch us over to our new server on Heroku.


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Rgejman Future Maintainability in General
rgejman | Dec 13, 2012

Hi folks,

I know I have been very, very absent as life and my career have moved on (http://ron.gejman.com/ if you're interested).

Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the energy to do anything on Comic-Nation anymore, with the exception of some basic maintenance.

With that in mind, I am going to be shutting this server within the next 2-3 months. However, since there seem to be ~150 regular CN users, I am happy to keep the site going if it does not take too much of my time.

I have setup a private GitHub repository with my initial attempts to translate CN into a Rails 3 app that can be hosted on Heroku for free. I don't have much time to fix the numerous bugs that this has introduced, but if you do, you can help me make this transition. If I can't finish it before February or March, the site will have to go down... probably permanently.

Email me at ron.gejman@gmail.com if you want to help and I will add you as a collaborator on GitHub. The app loads, but there are many problems. I estimate that it would take 2-3 full days to fix all the issues with upgrading to Rails 3. However, from there it would be pretty smooth sailing.


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