What is Comic-Nation?

We are a website that keeps a list of around 2000 webcomics. Our main goal is to make reading your favorite webcomics easier. First, you sign up for the site, and then you create a "subscriptions list" of webcomics you read on a regular basis. We'll generate a list of those comics and let you know when they've updated. Pretty easy!

We've got comics ranging from the world famous to the incredibly obscure, and if there's something that's missing from our list, you can Suggest a Comic and we'll add it. It can't get easier than that.

How does Comic-Nation work?

Yikes! In plain english, we keep track of comics by searching for changes in their main comic page. For some comics, this means we look to see if their RSS feed has been updated, for others, we check to see if a new image (i.e. a new comic) has been uploaded to their website. When something new comes along, we let you know.

Our site works for comics that use all sorts of archives, and our clever coders have even figured out ways to link to comics like Orneryboy, which use Flash in their archives.

You're site looks different than I remember!

Yes. We do. Our site coding was getting old and required a major overhaul. We relaunched version 2 of this site on October 9th. You'll notice that some things are still not quite finished around here. We're working on putting some things in place and you'll notice that the site gets quicker and has better functionality over the next few weeks.

Do you have any banners that I could use for linking to Comic-Nation?

Um... see, that's one of the things that is coming soon. I know we have one lying around somewhere.

Do you track other sites, like news sites and such?

Sorry! It's called COMIC-Nation for a reason... we only track comics.

My favorite comic is not on your list!

As mentioned earlier, if there's something that's missing from our list, you can Suggest a Comic and we'll add it. We'll get it updating live as soon as it's been coded.

Do you offer an RSS feed or email new comic listings to my email box?

Comic-Nation does not offer an RSS feed. It can be problematic to do so. We also do not email your new comic list to your email box, because comics update at all different hours of the day, so you'd get 4000 unwanted emails and it would drive you crazy.

Your site sounds amazing! How do I get started?

Well, thank-you! We think it's amazing too! Click the Register link on main page, type in a username and type in a password. Then, login and hunt around the comics list and click "Subscribe" next to comics that you want to keep track of. You're all set. If you click on "Subscriptions" when you're logged in, you'll see your new list of comics ready and waiting to be read. Watch out... webcomics can become addicting.

Who runs Comic-Nation?

Comic-Nation was founded by Ron Gejman, David Johnson and Shlomi Mir.

Version 2 was built by Ron Gejman, Sander Adamson, Russell Gold, David Johnson, Lyndon Wright, Detunized Gravity, Lucas TdS and Kc4. Kudos to them for helping out!